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Добавлено by Admin В Сборная Франции по футболу
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CRITICS ATTACKED MESSI AFTER PSG - RENNES MATCH! Lionel's first defeat in France with PSG!

Sunday Matchweek Overview

What a tough day that was! Let's briefly recall the main matches that took place on Sunday!

In the English Premier League, Liverpool and Manchester City got 1 point each in the battle at Anfield - 2:2. Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah scored for Liverpool, taking a lead twice during the game, while Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne scored for the Cityzens.

Sensational Sunday in La Liga as Real Madrid suddenly lost to Espanyol in Barcelona - 1:2. Apparently, Madrid are still recovering from the defeat to Sheriff in the Champions League...

The Bundesliga also didn’t go without a surprise as Bayern lost to Eintracht at home - 1:2 to become the first defeat of the Munich club under Julian Nagelsmann.

In Serie A, the most interesting game of the day became the match between Atalanta and Milan in Bergamo. The Rossoneri were in the lead 0:3 but eventually conceded two at the end of the game. The final score is 2:3.

And another, probably the most shocking event of the day is PSG's loss in an away game with Rennes. During the entire match, the Parisians made 13 shots overall but didn’t make a single shot on goal, and that happened taking into account there was a Messi-Neymar-Mbappe trio on the pitch! Can you believe it?!

Lionel, by the way, was very unlucky in that game as in the first half the ball shook the crossbar of Rennes' goal after his free kick.

And it was a pretty decent performance for Messi in general, while Mbappe and Neymar left much to be desired that night, constantly wasting the moments that the Argentinian created for his partners.

Although critics still didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of Leo on social media. Here are some of the posts:

“Now Messi shouldn’t be included even in the top 100 players. He is terrible right now; an MLS level player. "

"PSG lost 2-0 to Rennes, but Messi fans don't recognize the fact that he's bad this season."

“Messi is destroying PSG indeed. Doesn't take part in team pressure, doesn't come back, there’s no balance between him and the team."

“Messi joins PSG and Neymar immediately loses shape. Messi will make partners feel bad in order to then look like the one who supposedly always comes to the rescue. It was at Barcelona, and now it’s happening here at PSG. "

Well, looks like Leo’s having a real hard time there in France. Do you think that’s fair?

#messi #psg #football

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