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Elephant Boy Rene Casselly playing football with his elephants NoCopyrightSounds by NCS Lost Sky

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Elephant Boy Rene Casselly playing football with his elephants, NoCopyrightSounds by NCS, Lost Sky

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About Elephant Boy - Rene Casselly:
Rene was born in 1996 came from Germany and he is a 7th generation animal trainer/lover.

He grows up with his elephants and has a unique bond with them, they have known him since the day he was born.

He mostly plays basketball with his female elephant friend Kimba, she is the one throwing him up in the air most of the time, as well as his female elephant friend Nanda, she is the one throwing the ball.

He loves teaching new basketball tricks to his elephants and his elephants means a lot to him. It’s amazing to see how fast they can learn and to see where the limits are, it all actually started naturally, he played basketball alone, and his elephant Kimba came over to him, cuz she was curious to see what he‘s doing, and then she just took the ball away from him with her trunk, and then ideas started popping in Rene‘s head, and he wanted to see what she would be able to do with the ball;)! That’s how everything started, and of course most important by training an elephant is to have enough bananas with you ;)!

And it’s really interesting to see the reaction of the elephants when for example something doesn’t go as planned and he falls, it’s amazing to see how they react and care about you and directly go to you and check if everything is alright, even trying to pick him up, it’s actually really heart-melting to see how much they can care for you.

One of the things he like most about basketball, that there’s always a way to make it harder and more complicated to actually just throw a ball inside the basket, so many ways of being creative and experimenting stuff, and it never gets boring.

Basketball isn't the only skill the intelligent mammals have mastered, as the fabulous elephants also play jump rope, help Rene perform amazing flips and tricks and even settle down for a peaceful picnic or yoga session.

Rene devotes his life to spreading awareness of the beautiful animals and hopes to build up his profile so he can open an Animal Sanctuary in the near future!

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