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English Football Fans Blocked from Italy England vs Ukraine

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I said British but I meant English ...Hey ho because I'm not recording it again ;)

ITALIAN officials plan to introduce checkpoints on roads from neighbouring countries and boost security at airports with direct links to the UK in a bid to catch crafty England fans sneaking in.

Last night the prefect of Rome, Matteo Piantedosi, was holding talks with the regional committee for public order and security, and senior police chiefs were also brought in to discuss security for Saturday’s game.*

Italy is among the countries hardest hit by the Covid pandemic, and officials are desperate to take all measures necessary to make sure there is not another devastating wave.

Andrea Costa, undersecretary for the Italian Ministry of Health said “The rules are clear and concise — English fans will not be able to travel to Italy.

“There are currently five days of obligatory quarantine on arrival, so unless fans arrived before June 28 and completed quarantine, there is no point travelling to Rome.

“Those that do attempt it and are caught will be fined and punished. Rules have to be obeyed and we cannot afford to be running any risks.” Officials said that other measures being considered would include stopping ticket holders and asking them to prove how long they had been in the country — with boarding cards being requested.

Virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, who has been advising the Italian government, said: “Allowing fans in from the UK would be a disaster because there is a very high probability that they will spread the virus.”

Last night the British Embassy in Rome, which had wrongly been announced as a point of ticket sales for expat I mean immigrants England fans, posted a statement on its Facebook page after being swamped with calls.

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