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Germany UEFA logo unveiled 1000 days before competition kicks off

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UEFA presented the logo of Euro 2024, which will take place in Germany, at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Tuesday.
A mesmerising light show displayed the logo with colour effects projected on the entire interior surface of the stadium. Former German national football player Philipp Lahm was also present at the ceremony.
The German cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Hamburg were also announced as hosts for this tournament.
The venue for the final is to be announced in March 2022.

SOT Philipp Lahm, Former professional football player and 2014 World Champion (Germany): “It is very colourful as you rightly said. This is our approach for the Euro 2024 tournament. It should be a festival for everyone and that shows the logo with its different tones. On the other hand the slogan 'united by football, united in the hear of Europe' means the people to come together to celebrate together this festival despite how old they are or where they come from just experience it in Germany. We will be great hosts.”

SOT Celia Sasic, Former professional female football player (German): “I find it a perfect example of how football unites. I find all flags and countries in the logo and that is what people want to see. Everyone coming together to embrace it and to celebrate it together.”

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