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Halloween flights of my DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter 10 31 21 2 7K 3

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Halloween flights* of my DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter 10-31-21 () (3)

Flights* took place (launched anyway) in the airspace near a futbol (socker) pitch, an unused group of three baseball diamonds, and a canal
located alongside W. Dakota Ave. (some true-blue total butt wagon has it spelled *DACOTA* on their mailbox very nearby, hahaha!!!) near N. Cedar Ave. in Fresno CA. USA at 12:07pm PDT on 10-31-21 (or, "2021-10-31T12:07 or "2021 31 Oct." or even, "October 31, Twenty-Twisted Stick-Stick" if you prefer).

Weather conditions at flight time were moderately filtered sun with light smoke (I was not able to detect it with my olfactory blub -- my sense of stink -- ... *SENSE OF SMELL!!!* :-) ), temperature was 65°F (18.3°C), and winds measured with my el stupido "strong timber wolf piss yellow" portable digital "windometer" (as JD from JD Quad in the UK calls them even though the sodding things are actually called, "anemometers") ;-) were generally dead clam at the surface.

The music that you hear are several pieces of zax from games & demos for the Commodore Amiga computer.

This product is not audio (sound)-sensitive in any manner; the music may safely be ignored or even muted if it pisses you off or causes your ears to bleed.

While I was flying the drone, I "heard" the jingle for Silver Shamrock Novelties from the movie, "Halloween III: Season of the Witch":

{sound of calliope repeately playing two notes}
♪ Happy happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween ♪
♪ Happy happy Halloween, ♪
♪ Sil-ver Shamrock!! ♪
♪ Happy happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween ♪
♪ Happy happy Halloween, ♪
♪ Sil-ver Shamrock!! ♪
{sound of calliope repeately playing two notes; fade to black}

I've made 567 flights on this flight battery since purchasing this drone on 04-26-21 and the battery is just now showing the first signs of going to pot. :-)

More info. on my website about the DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter at , the Ulanzi DR-01 RGW Drone Strobe Light at , and the Professional Instruments Anemometer at

* FlightS {note pl.} because the radio/app acted funny; at one point early on it even summarily neutralised recording with no audible or visual warning. Fairly early into the flight, I landed,power-cycled the FPV device, and then relaunched the drone.

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