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Let s Play FM 2021 Journeyman Glory Hunter RB Leipzig S10E3 Football Manager 2021

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Добавлено by Admin В Сборная Италии по футболу
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Let's Play: FM 2021 - Journeyman Glory Hunter - Football Manager 2021

I'm very excited to start a new season in Football Manager 2021. This time we are going for a much bigger challenge than years past. We are going for a Glory Hunter challenge where we have to win the League and Cups in all 5 of the top European Leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) but we also have to win the Euro Cup, Champions League, European Championships and the World Cup with one of those 5 nations. To make it a bit more challenging, we are combining some Journeyman rules into the game where we start unemployed with zero skills or coaching badges to our name.

NOTE: I know very little about Football/Soccer beyond what I have learned while playing Football Manager and a little bit of watching World Cup games. I welcome feedback, but please don't laugh too much at my silly American mistakes.


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