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Playwright Rex McGregor New Zealand playwright

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Playwright Rex McGregor - New Zealand playwright

Rex McGregor Productions

Rex McGregor is a New Zealand playwright. His short comedies have been produced on four continents from New York and London to Sydney and Chennai.


Grounding Santa
short comedy

Just as Santa prepares to set off on Christmas Eve, a visitor arrives on a fateful mission.

Next Door Nativity
10-Minute comedy

Sal and Zeb are staying at an inn in Bethlehem. They managed to get the last available room—unlike the couple in the stable next door.

Sweetness and Light

A polite gangster tries to persuade a shop assistant to wrap an unusual gift.

Murder Runs in Our Family
a comedy

Inspired by the Oresteia by Aeschylus, Electra by Sophocles and Electra by Euripides
A political candidate returns to the family home to see his sister. He hopes he can avoid revealing their mother’s horrific secret.

Tabby's Plague Diary

A perceptive cat notices changes in her home environment.

The Birds Are Feeding Me
a short comedy

A banker, working at home in his apartment, wants to stop a neighbor from feeding sparrows on her balcony. But he may end up doing far more good than he imagines.


Eva's Echo Theatre Company

Moving Parts Theatre

Rough Magic Shakespeare Company

Third Citizen Theatre Company

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Grounding Santa - Playwright Rex McGregor

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Sweetness and Light - Playwright Rex McGregor

Murder Runs in Our Family - Playwright Rex McGregor

Tabby's Plague Diary - Playwright Rex McGregor

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