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The Real Football Factories International 3 Italy

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Italy has a reputation for football violence, in part due to the Ultras culture. Dyer firstly travels to Turin, and meets the Drughi Ultras from Juventus. The Drughi are named after the Droogs in the cult film A Clockwork Orange. Dyer speaks with members of the Drughi about the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985, and is told of Juventus fans hatred of all English football fans.

Dyer then briefly travels to Bergamo in Lombardy, and meets a top member of Atalanta B.C.'s Curva Nord Ultras. Dyer then goes to Rome and attends the biggest derby in Italian football, the Derby della Capitale, between S.S. Lazio and A.S. Roma. The two teams share the Stadio Olimpico, with Lazio fans using the Curva Nord as their home stand, and Roma fans using the Curva Sud as their home stand.

In the first half, Dyer stands in the Curva Sud with Roma's ultras, where before kick off, Roma legend Marco Delvecchio comes and greets the fans in the stand. At half time Danny goes round to the other side of the stadium to experience the derby from the Curva Nord with Lazio's Irriducibili ultras. Lazio end up winning the match 3-0, sparking wild celebrations in the Curva Nord.

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