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What do Men s Beauty Standards Look like in Different Countries

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When it comes to beauty standards, for some reason everyone is talking about women only - their weight, facial features, their style and makeup. However, do not forget that beauty standards apply to men too. Moreover, in each country, they are completely different. Today we will tell you how the British, Australians, Koreans and the indigenous peoples of Africa perceive male beauty. Believe us - you are in for a surprise! In the meantime, do not forget to subscribe to the channel if you have not already.

00:00 - Welcome!
00:37 - India
01:20 - Bangladesh
02:09 - South Sudan and Ethiopia
03:15 - Papua New Guinea
04:14 - Republic of the Congo
05:19 - Kenya and Tanzania
06:50 - South Korea
08:03 - Ethiopia and Niger (Preview)
09:42 - New Zealand
10:38 - Great Britain
11:25 - Turkey
12:08 - Sweden
12:42 - France
13:11 - Australia (Preview)

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