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WHAT MESSI DID WITH MBAPPE AND PSG in his first week in Paris is truly AMAZING

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WHAT MESSI DID WITH MBAPPE AND PSG in his first week in Paris is truly amazing!

What is up, friends! Here’s the Top Football channel and again our issue is dedicated to Lionel Messi! A little more than a week has passed since the Argentine became a PSG player and we decided to talk about Leo's amazing adaptation to the new team!

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Improves the team’s emotional environment

Lionel Messi is already actively training with PSG and preparing for the long-awaited debut for the Parisians at the end of the month! Naturally, we must point out that the newcomer has a positive effect on the PSG dressing room from the very beginning and creates a strong, friendly atmosphere!

Next to Messi, the players look very happy. Now PSG regularly pleases us with new photos, in which it is simply impossible not to notice the smiles of Neymar, Angel Di Maria, Keylor Navas and many others. The training sessions are going very well!

The same can be seen in matches. Messi and Neymar were together at the game of the Parisians against Strasbourg and were very pleased with what they saw from the stands. And Kylian Mbappé at this time scored and dedicated goals to Lionel.

In addition, the team has a good rest off the field. PSG midfielder Ander Herrera recently posted a photo from his birthday celebration on his Instagram. Sad faces cannot be found there, and the gathering included not only newcomers like Achraf Hakimi, Georginio Wijnaldum and Sergio Ramos, but also those who have been playing for the club for much longer. All of them are united, and Messi has played a major role in that, his transfer really shook up the team after a series of failures last season!

Made friends with Mbappe

It is widely believed that Lionel's arrival at PSG created a conflict between the club's management and Kilian Mbappé. It seems like the Frenchman is actually upset about the Argentinian's appearance, because he obviously takes away his status as the main star in Paris!

At first, these rumors were reinforced by the fact that Mbappe was the only PSG leader who did not like any post dedicated to Messi on the club's instagram. But an investigation based on likes is a dubious business and it is better to start from the facts. And the facts are as follows: Lionel and Kylian hugged each other and happily set about preparing for the season.

Again, we can say that Mbappe's idol is Cristiano Ronaldo, not Messi, and that the striker has long been going to Real Madrid in order to follow in the footsteps of his Portuguese idol, but we also have a real state of affairs.
Anyway, Kylian calls Leo a legend, and La Pulga in turn has no less good opinion of his team-mate.

“It's really crazy and I'm happy about playing with Mbappe and Neymar. Sharing the day to day life with them and all the squad. Really there are some amazing transfers here and the team is incredible. I'm going to be playing with the best players, ”Messi said during his presentation at PSG.

Their mutual respect is shown not only in words, but also directly in their work. In a recent training session, the Parisian club cameramen showed how Messi and Mbappe hone understanding and combinations that they will implement in matches. Their chemistry is improving very quickly and teammates are already having a hard time against this tandem!
Despite rumors of Kylian leaving for Real, Lionel continues to believe that their work makes sense and that his new French friend will stay where he is. There is definitely no enmity between them!

Inspires Mauro Icardi

Signs of an alien

And for dessert, we give you some fun content! The other day PSG posted a short video on Twitter and showed how Messi comes out of the dressing room. When Messi steps on the lawn, the clock installed on one of the walls of the training building suddenly malfunctioned and began to randomly display incorrect numbers instead of the exact time!
Fans immediately started joking on Twitter that these were all tricks of an Argentine alien, and we would not argue with them! And the clock will also have to get used to the splendor of Lionel!

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